RENEX Group was awarded in “Medal Company” plebiscite organized by the Department of Management Studies at the State Vocational College in Włocławek. The aim of the project is to award companies which demonstrate a high level of innovation, entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

This week, the first of a series of announced meetings between the representatives of RENEX Group and the Department of Management Studies of the State Vocational College in Włocławek was held. The talks are to lead to multi-level cooperation between the two entities.

The first level was the qualification of RENEX Group to the “Medal Company” project realized by the College in Włocławek. The aim of the programme is to select and reward companies from the region whose activity is based on the values of social responsibility, entrepreneurship and innovation. RENEX Group was recognized for its contribution to the popularization of know-how and for the training support it provides to schools and technical universities as well as companies from the electronics industry in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. The role played by RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER, established by the Group, in the development and promotion of modern technologies in the region was also taken into consideration when awarding the qualification.

According to the project’s assumptions, information on outstanding companies will be presented to a wide range of this year’s high school graduates during webinars. The aim of these activities will be to develop awareness among young people about potential education and career paths in the region.

According to the representatives of both parties, this is only the first step in establishing cooperation between the RENEX Group and the Department of Management Studies.

We are very pleased with the local initiatives and this award. We have always been proud of the fact that we have been a company from Włocławek for over 30 years. We want to support the development of our city and region. We believe that cooperation on the level of education and business is essential for such development. We see great potential in the State Vocational College in Włocławek as a center educating high-class specialists. We hope that in the near future we will only be able to strengthen our cooperation and expand it into new areas. – commented Ms. Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr. Predrag Topić – owners of the RENEX Group.

Within RENEX Group structures, RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTRE has been established in Włocławek, where state-of-the-art technologies are developed and training courses conducted, e.g. in the field of robotics and production process automation. RENEX Group also includes RENEX EEC brand, which is the longest operating and the largest AUTHORIZED IPC TRAINING CENTER in Central and Eastern Europe, and which offers training for electronics engineers and has trained over 30,000 specialists so far.


Since 1989 the company has developed from a supplier to the currently operating extensive structure, which consists of a number of companies in Poland and a network of foreign branches. Today RENEX Group consists of entities specialized in production, consultancy, sales and training.

The Group has established RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER, where new technologies in the field of robotic automation are developed, and where presentations and tests of offered equipment and technological lines are carried out in action. Operating YAMAHA TRAINING CENTER and the largest IPC Authorized Training Center in Central and Eastern Europe, the Group provides a wide range of individualized training courses on robot operation and programming as well as on IPC electronics manufacturing and repair standards.

Under its REECO brand, the Group develops, manufactures and supplies, among other things, electrostatic discharge protection furniture and clothing. These products are also used outside the electronics industry, e.g. in laboratories or pharmacology. REECO’s products have been awarded many prestigious prizes, e.g. Good Design in the Work category.

As part of its research and development activity, the company has also created a line of REECO Robots, which has been awarded with TERAZ POLSKA emblem. These devices allow for automation of industrial soldering, dispensing, labelling, and other processes resulting from individual customer needs. Under its second brand – CLEANROOM – the Group builds and services clean rooms widely used in the medical and laboratory sectors. Distribution is an important part of the RENEX Group’s activity. As a partner of such global brands as YAMAHA, SEC, JBC, PACE, INDIUM or HELLER the Group provides a full range of tools and equipment for the electronics industry: from small items such as fluxes or anti-static gloves through medium-sized devices such as soldering stations or vapor absorbers to complete production lines.

All this makes RENEX the only company on the Polish market offering its customers a comprehensive service in the field of production and maintenance of electronic devices. Despite its huge development and over 150 employees, RENEX remains a family company.

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