Electronics appears in all areas of our lives. The fact that electronic control systems can be found in the entrance gate or garden watering system is no longer unusual. A large part of the packages produced must therefore be created with a view to using them in circumstances that are far from ideal. It is obvious that the electronics to be used in, e.g., outdoor lighting or a motorcycle speedometer will be subject to large changes in humidity and temperature. At the same time, consumers require the same reliability from it as from any other equipment – unaffected by extreme weather conditions.

As a result, more and more manufactured electronic packages are being covered with protective coatings – the so-called conformal coating. What was rare until recently is now becoming standard.

Consequently, manufacturing companies, in order to be able to take a significant portion of orders, must ensure that this process can be carried out efficiently. It can undoubtedly be carried out manually. However, looking at modern companies – working on the basis of several fully automated lines, it is obvious that the use of such basic solutions would be a production bottleneck. The efficiency of the line in such a case drops to the real capacity of this weak link.

Ready-made solution

To meet this demand, RENEX Group has recently developed and launched a new model of REECO Robot, the Coating Robot. The new device was created to automate the production stage involving the spray distribution of liquids.

The automatic machine is equipped with a spray valve that ensures uniform application of liquid coatings with low to medium viscosity, and an innovative integrated nozzle cleaning system that eliminates the problem of manual cleaning of the valve. Among other things, this solution allows efficient and precise application of various types of coatings, including conformal coatings.

A distinguishing feature of the device is the ability to freely configure the dispensing systems and dispensing valves on the robot head. This allows it to be tailored to the specific application and materials (media) to be distributed. Up to three different valves can be mounted on the head of the device. This gives the possibility of simultaneous dispensing of up to three media, increasing productivity and reducing the time of a single cycle.

Awarded the TERAZ POLSKA emblem in 2020, REECO Robots were created to operate in manufacturing and production-service plants. For this reason, they feature solutions that allow them to work both offline and in-line. This allows them to be freely combined with other equipment or with each other, and to combine several processes such as screwing, soldering and dispensing.

Along with the new robot, a new conveying system in the form of enclosed conveyors was also introduced to REECO’s portfolio, further expanding the possibilities for tailoring the equipment setup to the needs of specific production lines. As with the other models in the REECO Robot series, the Coating Robot uses YAMAHA’s SCARA type arm, which, among other things, guarantees the highest degree of repeatability, speed and reliability thanks to its beltless design and high quality workmanship. In addition, the process parameters are controlled by a Siemens PLC.


What is particularly important, the device is based on the REECO Robotic System, which allows – as in all REECO Robots – the robot head to be changed later. Thanks to this full compatibility, the Coating Robot can then be turned into a soldering robot, a screwing robot, a dispensing robot or any other – in a customized application. This gives users the ability to respond to changing market pressures or production needs and quickly reorganize line elements without having to purchase a new device.

In keeping with the requirements of modern enterprises, the device can be optionally equipped with traceability software that collects statistical data in the course of ongoing projects.

REECO robots have been developed in the course of research and development activities of the RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER. Established by RENEX Group, the center conducts extensive consulting and training activities in pursuit of the company’s mission of providing comprehensive support to the electronics industry. In line with these guiding principles, helping other entrepreneurs – regardless of their scale of operations – to improve their production processes contributes to the development of the entire sphere of production and repair of electronic devices in Poland.

Support in automation

As part of providing comprehensive services, RENEX Group provides not only the equipment itself but also a wide range of consulting, service and training services. The specialists of the RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER help identify production problems and select appropriate technological solutions.

The center also provides training in the field of introduced robotic solutions. Within the establishment there is an AUTHORIZED YAMAHA TRAINING CENTER providing expertise in the operation and programming of industrial equipment and robots, allowing users to take full advantage of their capabilities.

RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER supports the adaptation of processes in companies operating on the market. This is especially true for those entities that develop or implement their own production of electronic packages and devices, or those that seek to automate their processes, understood broadly here, through the implementation of industrial robots. The center also provides consulting services in the field of ESD protection and the creation and proper maintenance of EPAs (electrostatic discharge protection zones).

RENEX Group, while providing comprehensive solutions, also offers a wide range of service support – warranty and post-warranty. These services include consulting services on the proper use and preventive maintenance of equipment to reduce the risk of failure and related downtime to a minimum.

It is worth mentioning that the RENEX Group Service Department has been awarded the title of the best YAMAHA Production Equipment Service in Europe in 2020 by YAMAHA. The award confirms the highest global level of service.



Protecting electronic packages with conformal coatings is becoming a regular part of the manufacturing process. Automating this step is thus a necessity facing many manufacturing companies. The solution to this problem can be REECO’s ready-to-implement Coating Robots. The processes of implementation, training and service can be facilitated by the support of the specialists of the RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER.