As part of the ongoing “Polish Economic Exhibition” Project, the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland announced an additional event called “From Central Industrial District to Economy 4.0”, to which the fastest growing Polish companies presenting their flagship achievements were invited. In this elite group of less than 90 entities there was the RENEX Group, which, unusually, has the honour of presenting two of its products: The REECO Soldering Robot and the REECO Premium Antistatic Table.

In cooperation with the organisers, the RENEX Group will present a special event – The Man vs. Robot Duel. At the workstation based on the REECO Premium Antistatic Table will sit this year’s Polish Soldering Champion – Mr. Jakub Goławski, who will face the REECO Soldering Robot.

As emphasizes the co-owner of RENEX Group – Ms Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić “The very presence at the Polish Economic Exhibition is a great distinction for the RENEX Group and a confirmation that the quality of our products has been noticed and appreciated.

“It was with great pleasure that we accepted the opportunity to co-organise a special event – the REECO Man vs. Robot Soldering Duel. We are sure that it will attract crowds of visitors – you will be able to see the clash of the best soldering specialist in Poland with the top achievements in robotics”.

This is the fourth event in a series of soldering clashes – Man vs. Robot. Previously, we could see such competitions at the Polish Soldering Championship – RSC 2019, Warsaw Industry Week and Productronica Fair in Munich – when the REECO Soldering Robot faced, among others, the European Champion of 2017 and Champions from China, Great Britain and Germany. The upcoming event will be a rematch – Polish Champion Jakub Goławski lost the previous battle with the robot and promises to fight even more fiercely.

The Chancellery of the President informed that the event will take place on January 16th, 2020 in Stalowa Wola and the choice of the place is not accidental – this city, created during the Second Republic of Poland, is a symbol of Polish talent and determination in creating an economy based on own capital and innovative projects. The organizers also emphasize that the event will be devoted to the promotion of the Polish economy and will be honoured by debates with the participation of representatives of entrepreneurs and the world of science, and the President of the Republic of Poland also announced his participation in the event.

The REECO RE-1000 Soldering Robot is a device designed for the assembly of PCBs, designed to work both in and out of an automated production line. The device is equipped with edge transport and automatically positions the PCB. Depending on the needs, the device has the ability to work with different types of tips (dozens to choose from), and the system of automatic, programmable cleaning of tips during operation helps to keep them in good condition.

The REECO Soldering Robot allows for cost-effective production of electronics in quantities that would be unprofitable for energy consumption with high production machines.

The REECO Premium antistatic table has been designed to create a modern and versatile workstation. The modules have been designed to be adapted to the specific task, allowing tools, devices and components to be ergonomically positioned in the user’s work area. Thanks to their antistatic and antibacterial properties, these tables are particularly suitable for use in electronics production and service and in the laboratory industry. However, these solutions are so versatile that they can be used in almost any field.

Zawody człowiek vs robot
Zawody człowiek vs robot
Robot lutowniczy REECO
Głowica lutująca robota lutowniczego REECO
Głowica robota lutowniczego REECO
Robot lutowniczy REECO