Modern workstations increase productivity and minimize the risks associated with occupational diseases. In the following article, referring to Polish REECO industrial furniture, we will look at the factors that should be taken into account when selecting elements of your own or your employees’ workstation.


In many, if not most industries, there are standards and good practices that show the right production flow. The requirements apply both to the materials used in the workstations and their properties. An example is the IPC standards used in the electronics manufacturing and repair industry, which specify the level of electrical conductivity for materials used in the assembly areas of electronic packet assembly (EPA protection zones). On the other hand, in food processing or laboratory industries, the use of materials with antibacterial properties is very important. REECO furniture based on a steel construction is covered with damage resistant powder paint with antistatic and antibacterial properties.


A good workstation is one where the space is suited to the task at hand and to the needs of the employee. The first step is to choose the right table, which will be the base for the whole workstation. It was conventionally assumed that its height should depend on the nature of the work and the height of the employee.

However, such solutions may expose an employee working in one position for a long time to occupational diseases. This has led to current health and safety standards recommending frequent repositioning. In the Scandinavian countries, insurance discounts are already the norm for companies that enable periodical change of employees’ position from sitting to standing.

It is to be expected that soon such standards will also enter Poland. The key here is therefore the height-adjustable tabletop base. 

REECO Antistatic table
REECO Antistatic table

All models offered by REECO have this possibility – however, the electrically adjustable bases like those used in the REECO Premium configuration deserve special attention. This type of system allows you to adjust the height of the entire workstation at the touch of a button and smooth transition from sitting to standing.


A specific continuation of the issue of ergonomics is the correct layout of the workspace. Often the most difficult, but necessary task is to remove unnecessary elements from the workplace. Only tools and components necessary to perform the assigned task should be within the direct reach of an employee. The fewer redundant elements, the less time wasted on searching for and controlling disorder, and consequently – greater efficiency of the process.

The key is therefore to keep a record of all the items that need to be placed at a given position and to select the appropriate segments that will allow them to be placed and fixed. REECO furniture is fully modular.

This means that they consist of elements that can be added and subtracted as required. At the same time, the range of available modules – handles, fixtures, bins, shelves, drawers – allows you to create a configuration perfectly suited to almost any workstation. A series of granite anti-vibration tables have also been developed for customers operating in the laboratory space, allowing for higher accuracy of precision measuring instruments such as scales and digital microscopes.


Whether the workplace is equipped with a laptop or a laboratory centrifuge, the organisation must also include cabling and lighting. The standard for REECO furniture in this area are 230 V power strips for eight sockets on the panel in front of the employee. For more advanced applications, REECO workstations are equipped with a suspended rack for mounting devices with a 19″ 6H standard housing, enabling easy and quick construction of e.g. a measuring station.

The choice of lighting should, however, be based on what activities will be performed at the workstation, and on industry standards that define the minimum level of lighting for the work to be performed. REECO workstation lamps are offered in standard cold light with an intensity of 1000 lx/m2, but lamps of any colour intensity can be supplied for the customer’s needs.


After organizing the workplace in the immediate vicinity of the employee, it is necessary to plan the positioning of elements in further work areas, such as: cabinets, storage racks, and carts.

This space should contain all tools and components used sporadically – in case of a particular type of task or intended for future tasks. This group includes primarily spare parts, documentation, personal items of employees, etc. Special attention should be paid to the compatibility of selected solutions with those used in workstations.

This allows for interchangeability of elements (e.g. handles, containers, etc.) and, consequently, easy reorganisation if necessary. All REECO furniture is based on the same modular construction as REECO tables – this allows further expansion and modification of the whole system.


Creating an ideal workplace requires taking into account many factors and the specifics of the industry in which we operate. This task can be facilitated by consulting with technical and commercial advisors of RENEX Group – the owner of REECO brand, who prepare projects, help to arrange interiors, select the most optimal solutions and carry out untypical, specialized orders, dedicated to individual customer needs. Those interested are also invited to the RENEX Technology Centre and Demo Room, where you can see examples of solutions for a wide range of industries.