The Gdańsk-based company Mikro-automatyka, continuing the investment, officially opened a new production hall in June 2019. This doubles the company’s existing industrial base from 420 m2 to almost 1000 m2. The production lines were expanded by new pick&place machines, soldering paste printers and oven, supplied by RENEX Group.

The investment in YAMAHA YSM10, YCP10 printer and a new generation Heller 1707 oven enabled Mikro-automatyka to modernize its production lines. This increased the production capacity, as well as the precision of assembly and printing of soldering paste.

YAMAHA and HELLER – as the representatives of RENEX Group emphasize – are the world-class devices, designed for the intensive use production of electronic packages.

YAMAHA YSM 10 is the fastest machine in its class with optimal performance of 31 thousand components per hour (CPH). At the same time, it maintains precision of ±0.025mm.

YCP10 – inline soldering paste printer is characterized by automatic adjustment of the speed and angle the stencil (adjustable in the range of 1 degree between 45 and 65°).

The new YCP10 has allowed for a complete transition to high-precision electric feeders, which has standardized the production process with company’s other YAMAHA machines.

The final stage of the line is the high-performance Heller 1707 furnace.

Mikro-Automatyka announces that this investment is only a step in the company’s long-term development plans and further cooperation with the RENEX Group.