Despite the progressing automation, the core foundation of almost every business is properly trained personnel. In this publication, we will look at one of the areas of activity of RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER – specialist training.

The need for appropriate staff training accompanies almost every production and service activity. The problem is particularly noticeable in rapidly developing enterprises – entering new areas of activity and investing in new technological solutions. The future and profitability of an enterprise often depends on whether its employees will be able to function in new requirements, with the use of new equipment and procedures.

This issue can be quite difficult to solve using own – internal resources. Quite often in developing companies there is not enough experience and know-how to properly train and update the knowledge of their employees. In particular, this applies to the situation, when the need covers many spheres of activity and the accompanying technologies, or the skills of operating and programming equipment.

The solution to such problems is to obtain support from an entity with the necessary personnel and infrastructure. RENEX TECHNOLOGICAL AND TRAINING CENTER is such an entity in Poland. It is an advisory, training and R&D center established within the framework of the activity of one of the largest and longest operating Polish companies in the electronics sector – RENEX Group. Through the Center, the company pursues its mission of supporting technological development and automation of production and service enterprises, regardless of the scale of their operations.

Through RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER, the Group provides a wide range of assistance in the area of consulting, service and, what is particularly important from the point of view of this study, training support.

Interested parties are able to draw on the knowledge of world-class specialists and use the advanced production facilities available on site in training their own staff. What is particularly important, this knowledge and facilities are not limited only to the field of SMT manufacturing, but extend to other specialties of RENEX Group, such as industrial robotics or X-ray inspection.

In terms of available infrastructure at RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER, complete lines for the production of electronics are available on site, including solder paste printers, Pick&Place machines and AOI systems from YAMAHA, REECO industrial robots, solder waves, X-ray inspection equipment from SEC, rework equipment and universal industrial robots from YAMAHA.

In view of the above, two training units have been created and operate within the RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER: RENEX ELECTRONICS EDUCATION CENTER and YAMAHA AUTHORIZED TRAINING CENTER.

Renex electronics education center

RENEX ELECTRONICS EDUCATION CENTER is the largest and longest operating IPC AUTHORIZED TRAINING CENTER in Central-Eastern Europe. The center offers training for electronics engineers covering the full range of IPC standards, ESA training, and proprietary training, especially in the field of anti-static protection.

The Center’s trainers share nearly 20 years of experience in developing IPC standards and training materials and conducting IPC authorized training courses. RENEX EEC staff has also made a significant contribution to the development of a practical module on wire harness assembly under the IPC/WHMA-A-620 guidelines by sitting on the IPC Technical Committee together with IPC staff. 


The Center is proud to have trained more than 30,000 professionals both domestically and internationally and, most importantly, to be qualified to teach and certify even at the Certified IPC Trainer level.

As mentioned earlier, the Centre offers training in the full range of IPC standards, which means that the topics covered include: quality standards for the assembly of electronic circuits, repair and modification of electronic circuits and printed circuit boards, requirements and acceptance for the assembly of cables and wire harnesses, acceptance criteria for printed circuit boards and requirements for soldered electrical and electronic assemblies.


In addition to the subject of IPC standards, the Centre offers its own training courses, including courses on anti-static protection – that is, on the so called ESD (electrostatic discharge).

This issue plays a special role in the production and repair of electronics, where, along with the ongoing miniaturization of components, their ability to withstand even the slightest electrostatic discharge is decreasing. Both in Poland and around the world, there is a growing awareness among companies in this industry of the need to create and maintain proper functioning of the so-called EPAs- that is areas protected against this phenomenon.

In response to this demand, the Centre provides training in anti-static protection aimed at people who coordinate such areas and those who work in them. Topics include electrostatic discharge mechanisms, handling of electronic components and modules, protection measures and identification of instruments sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

In addition to anti-static protection issues, the Centre also offers a wide range of other original training courses aimed at entities from the electronics production and repair industry. Based on the rich experience of specialists from RENEX Group, one of the largest and longest-established Polish companies in the electronics industry, the Centre provides specialist courses in hand soldering – both of components in THT and SMT, as well as wires and cables, and in the repair and regeneration of printed circuit boards. It is worth noting that during the practical classes participants have the opportunity to work with tools and equipment used, among others, in the military and SPACE industries.


YAMAHA AUTHORIZED TRAINING CENTER offers courses in service and programming of industrial robots and SMT production equipment. The aim of these activities is to provide a wide range of engineers with the knowledge and know-how to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by YAMAHA industrial robots and devices, and thus to increase the profits of their users. The Center’s infrastructure includes a wide range of YAMAHA industrial robots and robotic stations, including many REECO Robot Series units, which have received a “TERAZ POLSKA” award, allowing for easy robotization of such manufacturing processes as soldering, screw assembly, labeling, dispensing, and others, depending on individual customer needs.

In addition, the Center offers complete test production lines based on YAMAHA machines and equipment, expanded to include HELLER reflow ovens and SEC X-ray inspection equipment.

Last year YAMAHA AUTHORIZED TRAINING CENTER was awarded the highest title among European companies – Gold Training Unit. YAMAHA appreciated the highest level of technical knowledge and technological facilities, especially the fact that each participant can use a separate, fully functional robot station, including an industrial robot. For the comfort of learning is also important audiovisual equipment of the space allowing to display materials on individual monitors.

Due to the wide range of equipment available on site and the highest level of training, YAMAHA specialists are also trained in the Center.


Trainings in the field of industrial robots are addressed to a wide range of users. Their aim is to provide knowledge allowing the fullest possible use of these devices, also by operators with little programming experience.

This is particularly important in the current situation – where with the progressive automation – robotic solutions are often introduced into operations that had no previous experience with this type of technology. The training we offer allows teams of employees to quickly acquire knowledge in this area, and companies to increase productivity and thus significantly faster return on investment.


Training in the operation of production equipment is aimed at companies in the electronics industry that manufacture electronics for their own use or as contractors (EMS). This applies both to newly established companies as well as to those already operating in the market.

In this regard, the Center provides a wide range of training courses allowing to increase productivity to the fullest by proper setting of processes, elimination of production errors and downtime. What is particularly important, such trainings are held not only on the basis of the aforementioned infrastructure, but also on the basis of knowledge of top-class specialists of RENEX Group, supported by cooperation with such global brands as INDIUM, HELLER or YAMAHA.


In addition to a wide range of standard training courses, RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER also provides training courses individually tailored to customers’ needs. This applies both to the previously discussed fields and to other broad areas of RENEX Group activity. The key feature of this category of trainings is the fact that their scope, form and subject matter are developed together with the interested entity so that they are best adjusted to its actual needs.

The Center’s specialists’ wide range of knowledge, supported by more than 30 years of experience of RENEX Group and reflecting the spectrum of entities, brands and spheres of its activity, as well as the previously discussed advanced and extensive technological facilities available on site, are of the greatest importance here.

Assistance in the development of equipment and processes is provided by, among others, experienced engineers, SMT equipment operators, programmers and IPC trainers. This allows for the transfer of knowledge of an interdisciplinary character and based on extensive experience and practice.

The Center organizes online trainings also for international users. This form of courses are popular among specialists not only from Poland, but also from Germany, Lithuania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania or Russia.


The activity of RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER is not limited to training. The Centre was established in order to carry out its mission of supporting technological development and as such it also provides a wide range of services, in particular consulting services and research and development activities.

The Centre supports, among others, the processes of development of new electronic products and their optimization for mass production at all stages of this process. This includes support for both newly established companies and those already operating in the market, in particular for those developing or implementing their own production of electronicss, or those seeking to automate their widely understood processes through the implementation of industrial robots.

Thanks to an extensive infrastructure, including, among others, an on-site metalworking park, a paint shop and specialized equipment, throughout the process the specialists of RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER support not only the development of the electronics, but also the case, packaging or labels, instructions and accessories.

This makes the provided solutions comprehensive and cover all aspects of developing a new electronic product and are individually tailored to the needs of a given project.