In an effort to provide full support to our customers, we have created the RENEX Technology and Training Center, where customers can see the machines and equipment offered by our company in action, participate in process training, make prototypes and test batches,” says Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić, owner of RENEX Group.

What is critical to you in running a business?

In my opinion, success is determined by a committed and competent Team. It takes an action strategy based on a long-term perspective, an honest approach to customers, providing them with professional advice, technical and commercial support and efficient service.

We started as a sales company, but soon our motto became to create a comprehensive support for the electronics industry. We didn’t want to stop at simply being a supplier or distributor – so we stepped into the role of technical and commercial advisor.

In other words, in an effort to create full support for our customers, we have grown together with them. This has resulted in establishing the RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER, where customers can see the machines and equipment offered by our Company in action, participate in process training, make prototypes and test batches.

Jako największe w Europie Centralno-Wschodniej, przeszkoliliśmy ponad 30 tysięcy specjalistów. Od kilku lat, jesteśmy również Autoryzowanym Centrum Szkoleniowym YAMAHA Robotics, gdzie szkolimy klientów z Polski i Europy.

As the largest IPC Training Center in Central and Eastern Europe, we have trained more than 30,000 professionals. For several years, we have also been an Authorized Training Center of YAMAHA Robotics, where we have been training customers from Poland and Europe.

It was also important for us to create our own brand, because we wanted to meet our customers’ expectations and offer them quality products at an affordable price. The REECO brand was created on the basis of our ideas, technology and designs. That is why I am particularly proud of our creative Team.

Comprehensiveness, creativity and professionalism are important assets. What else stands behind your success?

The high quality of products and customer service by a professional team of Technical and Sales Advisors, as well as providing efficient warranty and post-warranty service, which also applies to equipment sold 30 years ago. 

Yes, some customers still work on equipment purchased in our Company – and they can still count on buying spare parts and receiving technical support from us. It is also important for them that we have a very large warehouse, where more than 90% of the products we offer are available.  On the other hand, if someone buys a machine from us – and that machine later needs repair – we are able to provide a new one for that time.

On top of that – RENEX is a family company. Not only me and my husband, but also my sister works in our company. In our team you can also find employees’ families, couples and relationships – which is gratifying because it shows that they recommend our company to their loved ones. The family atmosphere that we have managed to maintain – despite the fact that there are more than 150 employees – is a great value for me.

How has the company’s business been affected by the pandemic?

This year has been a difficult one for many companies, and we have also had to face it. However, I would like to emphasize that during this exceptional time, we tried to look for new opportunities, focused on developing new operating strategies, streamlining processes and developing our own REECO brand. Thanks to our flexible approach to individual customer needs, well-organized production and logistics processes, we managed to increase exports of the REECO brand – mainly industrial furniture – by about 50%.

Future plans?

We are planning new investments in such a way so that we can develop new lines of business. We want to focus on the further development of our REECO brand and create more equipment within it, and continue to increase exports by entering more global markets.

Who is currently benefiting from your services and products?

Over the 32 years of our business, we have had the great pleasure of working with a wide range of partners and customers, and it seems that in Poland today it is difficult to find a company in the electronics industry that has not been our customer during this time. In our industry, we are the largest and most comprehensive company in the country.

About the company

RENEX Group is a family company founded in 1989 by Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Predrag Topić. Through its entities – RENEX, RENEX Robotics, RENEX Line, RENEX Electronics Education Center, RENEX X-Ray and CLEANROOM – it provides comprehensive product, training and consulting support to companies in the electronics industry. The group is headquartered in Wloclawek, and its structures also include branches in Croatia, Serbia, Germany and Romania. RENEX is an authorized distributor (for Poland and Central and Eastern European countries) of the highest quality electronics manufacturing equipment from renowned global companies (YAMAHA, SEC, JBC, PACE, INDIUM or HELLER), and a manufacturer, dynamically developing its own brand – REECO. It includes:

Anti-static industrial furniture (this is a series of products designed for use in EPA zones – that is, protected against electrostatic discharges, as well as cleanrooms – the REECO anti-static table received the Dobry Wzór award [“Good Design”] from the Institute of Industrial Design);

ESD anti-static specialized clothing

Industrial robots – including soldering, screwdriving and dispensing units – the company is also developing further functions that will give manufacturers almost unlimited opportunities to expand and automate their production stations; the company received the TERAZ POLSKA emblem for its REECO robots in 2020, while the soldering robot was also awarded as “Good Design”.

In terms of training and consulting activities, the company operates Central and Eastern Europe’s largest and longest-established IPC Authorized Training Center, giving its customers – electronics manufacturers – the opportunity to become fully certified by the U.S.-based IPC association, which sets international standards for the electronics industry. The RENEX Technology and Training Center also provides specialized training in programming and operation of the robots supplied. The professionalism and experience of RENEX trainers is evidenced by the trust of a reputable partner – YAMAHA – which just sends its employees from Germany to Wloclawek for training.

Furthermore, customers can count on technical advice (RENEX provides special care to start-ups wishing to develop, for instance, prototype production, but lacking experience or technological background), support in automating production lines, and warranty and post-warranty service for products from the company’s offer. RENEX has already been recognized twice with the title of Business Gazelle (“Gazela Biznesu”).