In this world, providing employees with safe and comfortable working conditions is essential to maintain their efficiency and health. Especially in industry, where many activities require prolonged standing and repetitive movements, the characteristics of the workstation have a significant impact on the health and safety of workers, as well as the quality of work.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a field that aims to adapt the workstation to the needs and capabilities of the employee to minimize the risk of work-related diseases and increase the quality of work performed. An employee cannot effectively perform their duties if their surroundings have not been adapted to their specific psycho-physical characteristics. Therefore, the issue of ergonomics must be treated as a priority and cover the entire psycho-physical activity of a person.

The ergonomics task is to adjust the workstation to the employee’s needs to reduce the risk of discomfort resulting from improper body positioning and muscle overload.

Workstations can be adapted to the appropriate conditions before their creation and by introducing changes to existing workstations. Proper ergonomics contributes to increased productivity and efficiency of employees.

Working conditions in the industry

Working conditions in the industry have an impact on the health, well-being, and productivity of employees. Unfortunately, in many industrial sectors, there are hazards such as noise, radiation, chemicals, machinery and equipment, or hazardous production processes. Therefore, it is important for companies to regularly monitor and evaluate working conditions to ensure safety and a comfortable working environment. Companies should also provide employees with comfortable and ergonomic workstations as well as access to appropriate medical care in case of any health problems.

Ergonomic workstation in industry

Properly adjusting working conditions to the needs of employees is extremely important for their safety, health, and work efficiency. Working in conditions that are not properly adapted to the needs of the employee can lead to back, hand, leg, and other discomforts, which affects the quality of work and the health of the employee. Providing an ergonomic workstation with a comfortable chair, a well-equipped workspace, and adequate lighting is very important. Providing ergonomic working conditions increases productivity and employee satisfaction, and reduces the risk of absenteeism due to work-related illnesses.

An ergonomic workstation should provide comfort and convenience to the employee while minimizing the risk of occupational injuries and accidents. It should be equipped with appropriate tools and equipment, such as industrial tables, chairs and seats, as well as ESD clothing. Adjustable industrial furniture is an excellent solution that can be customized to the individual needs of the employee. They allow for the comfortable performance of duties for many hours, significantly reducing the risk of discomfort related to improper body positioning and muscle overload.

The ergonomic workstation should also be as modular as possible, allowing the workstation to be adjusted to the individual needs and preferences of the employee. A workstation where all objects are within the user’s reach is a permanent benefit for the company and the employee. By providing an ergonomic workstation, the company takes care of the well-being of the employee, which translates into increased productivity, work efficiency, and employee satisfaction.

Work footwear is one of the most important pieces of equipment for an employee. It should be comfortable and appropriately chosen for the type of work being done. Too tight or unsuitable shoes can lead to painful blisters and other foot ailments. That is why it is so important for work footwear to be made of high-quality materials, have contoured insoles, and be tailored to the shape of the employee’s foot.

In addition to ESD footwear, the use of appropriate work clothing is also important. Proper work clothing provides comfort, freedom of movement, and protection against injury. In industry, work clothing is typically equipped with functional elements such as pockets, belts, and other conveniences that allow tools and other items to be stored, enabling workers to perform tasks more easily. Moreover, work clothing may be fitted with special protectors and injury-prevention elements such as knee guards, foot guards, and others, which further increase worker safety and comfort.

In the electronic and electrical industry, where workers must handle sensitive equipment and components, the use of antistatic clothing is particularly important. ESD clothing is made from antistatic materials, which prevents the buildup of electrostatic charges on the surface of the clothing, which can have a negative impact on electronic devices.

It is also important for workers to be aware of the importance of ergonomics in the workplace and to be equipped with appropriate information and tools, such as instructions on proper posture while performing tasks and instructions on the correct use of tools.

Finally, employers should create a culture of safety and health in the workplace, so that workers feel more comfortable and secure while performing their duties. All of this contributes to improving the quality of life for workers and increasing productivity in the workplace.

Ergonomics with Reeco Brand

REECO is a Polish brand specializing in the production of solutions that improve the quality of work and employee efficiency in the industry. The brand’s portfolio includes, among other things, modular antistatic furniture and ESD work clothing. REECO is recognized as one of the leaders in the industry of products and solutions that increase worker safety and productivity. The company offers the highest quality products that meet the strictest safety and quality standards. REECO ESD work clothing is specially designed to provide safety and comfort to workers who work in environments at risk of electrostatic charge accumulation.

Despite their specialized purpose and materials, REECO clothing lines are manufactured to provide the greatest possible comfort and a wide range of cuts and colours. At the same time, their high quality allows for their long-term use.

Antistatic REECO furniture is a line of specialized industrial furniture developed for the electronics production and repair industry, although it is gaining increasing popularity among customers from other industries due to its quality. The furniture has a steel structure covered with coatings with antistatic properties, allowing them to be used in so-called EPA zones where electronics are produced and repaired, reducing the risk of damage due to electrostatic discharge. REECO industrial furniture has a modular structure, which makes it adaptable to the requirements of a given work environment.

Over last 10 years or so, REECO product line from Poland has been expanding into foreign markets. Lately RENEX Group – the owner of REECO brand, has recorded dynamic growth in the export of REECO product groups. In the last period, distribution has been expanded to include Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, the United States, Ecuador, and Saudi Arabia.

RENEX Group offers its customers the highest level of service, including the possibility of using a TECHNOLOGICAL-TRAINING CENTER and a DEMOROOM, where the latest electronics and robotics technologies are developed. In these spaces, customers can familiarize themselves with the models of all workstations and learn about the full collection of REECO clothing. Experienced engineers and Technical-Commercial Advisors from RENEX help customers choose the appropriate equipment and test it on-site, adapting it to the customer’s individual needs, including their own components and parts.

RENEX Group provides comprehensive support for order fulfilment and completion, and Technical-Commercial Advisors are in constant contact with customers to track their experiences and help fulfil future orders. The company can meet even the most challenging customer requirements thanks to its knowledge, experience, and production capabilities. The company places a strong emphasis on quality and safety, ensuring customer satisfaction with the ordered products. To take advantage of advisors’ services in their company, customers can simply visit the website: