Testing the quality of finished products, including, for example, checking their dimensions, processing accuracy and correctness of assembly, is a mandatory stage of the production process in many industries. The RENEX Group has an inspection service in its offer.

X-ray inspection in industry

Some products need to be checked for contamination during production, processing or packaging. State-of-the-art technology and materials allow X-ray testing to be used in industry to see what was previously invisible or hidden, with complete user safety.

Features of industrial clearance

The most important feature of this technique is the non-destructive nature of X-ray tube inspection. Checking porosity, detecting cracks, shrinkage or material inhomogeneities are just some of the tests that can be performed without destroying valuable samples.

Until recently, the practice of using X-ray technology required the construction of a special, expensive shelter, constant supervision by government bodies, numerous licences and training. In the 21st century, manufacturers have taken a major step forward by producing sealed X-ray tubes and fully radiation-resistant X-ray booths.

X-RAY inspection on offer from RENEX

The RENEX Group offers X-ray inspection of products using the SEC X-EYE 5100F. The device is equipped with user-friendly operating software that includes measurement tools and allows annotation. The SEC X-EYE 5100F X-ray machine is located directly at the company’s premises, ensuring that customers’ requirements can be responded to within a very short timeframe and that inspections can be carried out efficiently.

The X-ray system also allows inspection of the vertical solder filling of metallized holes in THT assembly. It also makes it possible to check the correctness of the assembly of BGA components, e.g. the connections between the balls and the soldering field on the PCB or the occurrence of possible short circuits between components. The equipment is operated by qualified IPC-certified engineers, thanks to whom RENEX Group customers can be sure of the X-ray service provided.

The RENEX Group produces reports with measurements of the amount of air gaps in the solder joint. The service also has the option of remote inspection. The service is complemented by a detailed X-ray inspection report of the tests performed and a graphical report of the soldering profiles. In addition, materials, i.e. pastes, are provided to the interested parties to further improve the process in-house.

The service is part of a wide range of training and consulting services in the field of production process automation provided by the RENEX Group as part of the RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTRE. The Group’s offer also includes specialised industrial equipment such as robots, soldering stations and soldering fluxes. The company also offers customisable modular industrial furniture. The spectrum of RENEX’s X- RAY offering is complemented by a broad base of X-ray inspection products.

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