26 Grand Prixes “Good Design 2018” and 6 special awards were presented on Thursday during the 25th jubilee gala of the Good Design Awards. The awards were given to manufacturers, distributors, service providers and design studios whose products are characterized by high design quality. The winner of the main prize in the “Work” category was RENEX, for the design of a REECO brand soldering robot.

The REECO RE-2100 Soldering Robot in a modern housing is a device for selective soldering of through-hole type components. Despite the enormous progress and miniaturization of electronic devices, PTH components cannot be eliminated from the production of PCBs.

Large power capacitors or transistors will still be needed. Currently, the device is the only robot on the market that has in-line transport. This means that thanks to SMEMA communication, the robot can be integrated into any production line, regardless of the technology used. In practice, this offers invaluable opportunities for the development of automated PCBA production, which involves through-hole type components.


In 2015, RENEX was awarded the main prize in the Good Design competition for the design of REECO ESD safe furniture from the Premium Series. This year’s award shows that the company continues to develop its products and focuses not only on their functionality but also on interesting, modern design.

The REECO brand is currently distributed throughout Europe through the company’s branches in Romania, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia and a network of distributors in Western Europe.

The winners of the Good Design competition are those who received the main awards, i.e. the awards of the Institute of Industrial Design granted by an interdisciplinary jury in October.

The Good Design awards are also a mark by which a manufacturer can mark a product on a shop shelf, supporting and building strong Polish brands. They are awarded in nine categories: Home, Work, Public Sphere, Services, New Technologies, Graphics and Packaging, New Materials, Transportation and Communication as well as Fashion and Accessories.

Robot lutowniczy REECO
Reeco nagroda dobry wzór 2018

Today’s industry is largely based on automated processes, so a device allowing for even more advanced robotization of production deserves attention. REECO brings innovation to the industry, which can achieve even greater efficiency and precision and a higher level of automation of the production line. The soldering robot stands out on the market by its adaptation to modern needs and the potential to make the economy more competitive in the high-tech electronic industry, which is a distinguishing feature of a modern country.

This is how experts talked about the REECO soldering robot. Bożena Gargas, President of the Board of the Institute of Industrial Design said that industrial design is “a bridge between what is and what can be.

It is an interdisciplinary profession that harnesses creativity to solve problems. It provides an optimistic view of the future, transforming constraints into opportunities. It brings together innovation, technology, research, business and customers to create new and valuable products in economic, social and environmental areas.

She explained that these words – taken from the definition of the World Design Organisation – are known, but it is less obvious “how difficult it is to complete this process, how difficult it is to convert it into market success”.

The competition was organized to show what design is for, what design and industrial design is for,” said Bożena Gargas, President of the Institute of Industrial Design, in radio Jedynka. As she added – interest in participating in the competition is growing.

Reeco nagroda dobry wzór 2018
Reeco nagroda dobry wzór 2018