The RENEX Group takes stock of its participation at a key trade fair for the electronics industry in Finland.

Evertiq EXPO Tampere

At the end of November 2022, the RENEX Group participated in the electronics industry trade fair Evertiq EXPO Tampere. The company participated in the event as part of the promotion of its REECO brand in the Baltic and Scandinavian markets. Approximately 60 companies, mainly of the EMS type, from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and Poland, among others, participated in the event.

“We are pleased with the positive reception of REECO furniture at the fair. The presentation of our flagship model, the Premium Electric table with an electrically lifted top, was met with great interest from visitors to our stand. We will certainly be expanding our export activities towards the Baltic and Scandinavian countries.” – comments Marcin Ziętara, Product Menager of RENEX Group.

REECO’s anti-static furniture is becoming increasingly popular with global experts in the electronics industry. They show that products from Poland are attractively priced while maintaining high quality, thus being able to compete with foreign products. The RENEX Group – the Polish manufacturer of the REECO brand – is constantly expanding its distribution network, which recently included, among others, the markets of Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and Switzerland. Indicators summarising sales of REECO anti-static furniture in recent years show a significant increase in exports despite the problems on the global market.

REECO furniture

REECO Antistatic Furniture is a line of professional industrial furniture. It was developed with the electronics manufacturing and repair industry in mind, although it is now gaining popularity with customers in other industries due to its quality. The furniture has a steel construction with an anti-static coating. Thanks to this type of protection, they can be used in EPA areas where electronics are manufactured and repaired, reducing the risk of damage from electrostatic discharge. An unquestionable advantage of REECO furniture is its modularity, allowing it to be adapted to the requirements of a given working environment. One of the flagship elements of this series is the high-quality Premium Electric antistatic table with electrically adjustable table top height. This solution makes it possible to create ergonomic spaces that reduce the risk of occupational illnesses and are characterised by high process efficiency. REECO furniture combines modularity with product quality and usability, allowing users to further expand and modify their workspace according to changing needs.