RENEX Group has added to REECO’s product range the EPA Fencing System, which allows maintaining an increased ESD

safety and control over the movement of people.

The new, unique system is based on modular, durable steel elements, which, thanks to their construction and coatings, have antistatic properties.

The solutions available on the market so far are usually limited to partitioning and warning tapes stretched between posts or sticked on the floor. By their very nature, however, they do not constitute a real, physical barrier for people who want to cross them.

This situation causes problems in maintaining control over access to the EPA – especially where it is separated as part of the production hall. Often these types of restrictions, as very easy to overcome, are only a suggestion for employees and visitors, which requires additional discipline and involvement of persons controlling the zone (ESD coordinators).

The new system solves this problem by creating a permanent, real EPA enclosure, allowing the maintenance of an enhanced ESD safety regime and control over the movement of people and materials.

Within RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTER, we carry out individual orders and solve the problems – often unusual – of our partners and customers. The new system was created in response to a very real market demand. Customers were struggling with the problem of uncontrolled flow of people and materials. Safety of production taking place in fully equipped and prepared EPA could be and often was negated by human errors, negligence and carelessness. The new system significantly reduces this problem, and with its ESD materials and coatings, is a unique solution in this product range – Commented Mrs. Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr. Predrag Topić – co-owners of RENEX Group.

Thanks to its modular design and full modifiability, the system can be adapted to the dimensions and shapes of specific EPA already functioning in the companies introducing it.

The barriers can be additionally connected to access control gates and anti-static protection testers, also available in REECO’s offer – e.g. Bidirectional Semi-Automatic Gate ACG-003. Within this system a person who wants to enter the EPA stands on the shoe resistance measuring plates. After passing a positive test the gate opens automatically letting one person through.

The gates, by enforcing control, eliminate the risk due to human error associated with not following procedures conscientiously. Safety features are checked every time you enter the production hall. This ensures that the anti-static shoes or wristbands do not lose their properties e.g. during a break as a result of dirt, tears or damage.

This eliminates the human factor and possible shortcomings, allowing for a fully segregated and secured EPA, even when it is part of a large production hall.

What may be particularly important – horizontal elements of fencing have been designed in such a way that they can be easily disassembled, e.g. in situations when there is a need for controlled access to the zone by a forklift or introduction of other larger equipment.

The system is coated in black and yellow as a standard, which is in line with the warning colors, referring to the EPA markings. Other colors are available on individual order.

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