Yamaha Motor Europe SMT section joined the German Forschungsvereinigung 3D MID e.V. in April 2020 to contribute to the industrialization of molded interconnect device (MID) technology. Yamaha brings 36 years of experience in robotics and SMT equipment, currently built into the Yamaha S20 3D hybrid modular machine, to enhance MID process automation.

Since 2018 the Japanese market for 3D MID products is growing rapidly from prototype into mass production and Yamaha’s experience in manufacturing with the S20 3D MID machine has become the main standard for this production process in the Japanese market.

The unique integration of a 3D robot manipulator in a standard pick&place machine makes it possible to integrate two production steps into one machine. After applying conductive adhesives and / or solder paste this machine mounts directly components in a single process step. The Yamaha S20 machine has a hybrid head with one or more dispense units next to several pick&place heads for mounting the SMT components, all in a single unit. The 3D platform allows easy programming, which simplifies and accelerates prototyping as well as mass production.

In the 3D MID Research Association, Yamaha SMT will contribute to the further development of the final assembly process and the industrialization of next-generation 3D MID products.


The RENEX Group is the exclusive distributor of YAMAHA SMT and YAMAHA Robotics in Poland and Central and Eastern European countries. YAMAHA devices as well as other products from the RENEX offer can be seen and tested in operation in test conditions of production lines, also on own components and sub-assemblies, in the RENEX TECHNOLOGICAL CENTRE and DEMOROOM. In addition to equipment, the RENEX Group provides a comprehensive range of consulting and advisory services in the field of production process automation. If you are interested, please contact the RENEX Group Technical and Commercial Advisors.