RENEX Group has just been awarded HIT 2020 2nd Level title in the COMPANY OF THE YEAR category.

The competition’s jury appreciated and awarded the prize for the dynamics of development and management model of a company providing the latest technologies in the field of production and service of electronic devices to Polish and world markets.

The Business and Self-Government Project – HIT of Regions has been carried out since the mid-1990s and currently operates in the Wielkopolskie, Lubuskie, Pomorskie and Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeships. The Jury consists of a wide spectrum of top-class specialists from the spheres of business and local government. The enterprise rewards and distinguishes companies and other entities for their special achievements in the field of their products, services and achievements. The evaluation is mainly focused on their innovativeness, quality and type of benefits achieved with their participation. Broadly understood organizational and pro-ecological activities are also taken into account.

This is a valuable distinction for us. Special thanks, are due to our team of specialists, it is actually them – the people who make up the RENEX Group that deserve thanks and congratulations. When it was most important – in this new difficult pandemic situation, implementing new models and methods – they rose to the challenge and continued to dynamically develop the RENEX Group’s business in Poland and abroad. Thanks to new, innovative solutions related to automation and robotization of production processes, we also helped many of our customers – Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Predrag Topić, owners of the RENEX Group, commented.

For the RENEX Group, this was the second prize in this contest. Last year, the Group was awarded the title of HIT 2019 for its original project, introduction of the innovative soldering robot of the REECO brand and activities based on 30 years of tradition.

About RENEX Group:

RENEX is one of the largest and longest operating Polish companies, providing the latest technologies in the production and service of electronic devices.

Since 1989, the company has developed from a distribution business to the currently operating extensive structure, which consists of a number of companies in Poland and a network of foreign branches. Today, the RENEX Group consists of entities specializing in distribution, consulting, sales and training.

A significant element of the RENEX Group’s activity remains the distribution sphere. Thanks to the long-term stability of its operations, the company has gained the trust of the largest world producers – becoming an Authorized Distributor of renowned world producers – such as YAMAHA, SEC, JBC, PACE, INDIUM or HELLER. This results in an extremely wide range of tools, devices, preparations and accessories selected for the customer depending on his individual needs.

A particularly distinguishing feature of RENEX is the provision of training courses – the company includes, among others, the largest Authorized IPC Training Centre in Central and Eastern Europe, where it is possible to obtain full IPC certificates, opening the way to new, demanding markets. During the training courses, students use professional equipment and tools. RENEX trainers have many years of experience in staff training.

The Group has also established the RENEX TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING CENTRE, where a team of qualified RENEX Engineers and Technical and Commercial Advisors conducts process training, presentations and tests of the equipment and process lines offered.

The trainees have the opportunity to get to know all the equipment that makes up the production process and customers can check the machines and equipment in operation before deciding to buy them. Customers are also provided with prototypes and test batches, which allow them to evaluate the equipment and obtain assistance in the selection of appropriate manufacturing processes.

These activities are also complemented by a wide range of customized training courses on robot operation and programming. The YAMAHA AUTORIZED TRAINING CENTER provides training in advanced industrial robotics for integrators, operators and students. All this makes RENEX the only company on the Polish market that offers customers a comprehensive service in the production and service of electronic devices.

The Group also develops and manufactures its own products. Under the REECO brand, it supplies, among other things, furniture and clothing that protect against electrostatic discharges – i.e. those that must be used to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components. The range of application of these products, however, extends far beyond the electronics industry and is gaining increasing recognition in areas such as the laboratory and pharmaceutical industries. REECO products have been awarded many times with prestigious distinctions, such as Good Design in the Workplace category.

Under the second brand – CLEANROOM, the Group builds and services cleanrooms widely used in the medical and laboratory sectors.

As part of its research and development activity, the company has also created a line of REECO Robots, which has been recognized on the market and has been awarded the emblem TERAZ POLSKA this year. In accordance with the specialization of the RENEX Group, the first model developed allowed to automate the soldering process, but in recent years, new variants of robots have also been developed, including dispensing, labelling and other, resulting from individual customer needs.

The aim of the RENEX Group is to comprehensively meet the wide range of customer needs. Through its consulting, training and supply activities, the Group supports the automation and robotization of production processes and, consequently, the far-reaching development of its business partners.

Successively expanding its offer and contributing to the success of its customers, the company has achieved a significant position, becoming valued in the electronics industry. Despite its enormous growth, and with more than 150 employees, RENEX remains a Family Company guided by the values of openness and trust.

RENEX provides comprehensive support for the electronics industry.