The Polish industrial furniture market has become extremely demanding. The times when customers chose standard solutions – offered by the manufacturer and adjusted to them – are gone. Every industry, every manufacturer or service provider has different needs and, what is fully understandable, requires different solutions. In response to the growing market requirements, RENEX from Włocławek, a Polish manufacturer of industrial furniture brand REECO, has developed a modern line of furniture modules. The systems are designed in a way that allows for their adjustment to individual customer needs. Regardless of the industry or type of activity in which it operates, the aim is always to create a professional workplace.



“Determination of general requirements for station components. In many areas, all components used in the construction of a workstation must meet the requirements and standards imposed by the industry. REECO furniture has a modern steel construction coated with damage resistant powder paint with antistatic and antibacterial properties.

This allows them to meet the requirements of even the most demanding industries such as electronics, food and pharmaceuticals. In particular, it applies to the compliance of REECO products with EPA zone equipment standards and PN-EN group standards. Not without significance is also furniture design appreciated by customers and awarded with the Good Design 2015″” award in the category of Work Environment.”



Once you have made your choice of a brand, you should proceed to planning. The process begins with the selection of the right industrial table, as the whole workstation will be based on it. The selection should start with determining the position in which the work will take place and determining the weight of objects and tools that the employee will operate. Also we must not forget about health and safety standards, which recommend frequent change of work position.

In the Scandinavian countries, insurance discounts are already the norm for companies enabling their employees to change their position regularly. It is to be expected that soon such standards will also reach Poland. Also of great importance is the height range of employees. Taking these factors into account, we can choose the type of base – under-top construction – on which the top will be mounted.

Antystatyczny stół przemysłowy classic 1530
Antystatyczny stół przemysłowy classic 1530

All such constructions offered by REECO are height adjustable. However, the electrically adjustable bases deserve special attention. They significantly simplify the change of height and allow for a smooth adjustment. The employee can adjust the height of the tabletop from 670 to even 1120 millimetres by means of an industrial manipulator installed in the front of the table. The choice of the top should also take into account the characteristics of the work. In the REECO offer we can find tops with increased mechanical strength.


The shape of the tabletop is a separate issue. For individual workstations, tops with an ergonomic shape are suggested – where the side facing the employee is rounded inwards. For a series of workstations, rectangular tops may turn out to be a better solution, which can be set together in any arrangement.

Corner segments are an additional solution, combining two workstations for better use of space. For customers operating in the laboratory space, a series of granite anti-vibration tops has been developed, characterized by an increased level of vibration damping and, consequently, higher accuracy of precise measuring instruments such as scales or microscopes.


After selecting the table and tabletop, we can move on to the layout of the work space. Consider what kind of objects, tools and components will be within the direct reach of the worker, what is their size, weight and power requirements. The selection and arrangement of workstation extension modules will depend on these factors.

The use of a vertical perforated frame makes it possible to mount a wide range of shelves, containers, holders (e.g. for monitors) or universal perforated panels for auxiliary functions.

Such modules are located in direct proximity and at the height of the employee’s eyesight, allowing to maintain order at the workplace, higher efficiency and safety. Another interesting solution improving ergonomics of the workplace is the addition of suspended drawers.



Once the outline of the workplace structure has been developed, we can look at the issues of power and lighting. The standard configuration of REECO industrial furniture in this area includes 230 V power strips placed in the panel in front of the employee, equipped with 8 sockets with automatic 10 A fuse. A more advanced solution is to equip the station with a suspended RACK cabinet.

Cabinets of this type enable easy and quick construction of the measuring station in any place. They are designed for mounting devices with a 19 6H standard enclosure, they are an ideal protection against mechanical damage.

When choosing the lighting we should take into account both the activities performed at the workstation and industry standards defining the minimum level of lighting for the work performed. REECO workshop lamps are offered in standard cold light, but lamps of any colour intensity can be made for the customer.

Stół przemysłowy REECO classic dostawka


The last element of the station is a chair. This often underestimated element is crucial for the ergonomics of the work environment and health and safety. A good chair should be adjustable at least in height. However, depending on the industry, the following types should also be considered: antistatic chairs or anti-slip chairs.


With the workstation built within the direct reach of the employee, we can proceed to the selection of components in further areas such as: cabinets, storage racks, cabinets and carts. The REECO offer includes a wide range of storage systems.

As it is the case with tables, the modules are also based on a perforated frame and have a modular construction, which allows for further expansion by adding further system elements. To sum up – creating an ideal workstation is, despite appearances, quite a complicated and multi-stage process, which requires taking into account many elements and specificity of the industry.

On the REECO website you will find examples of configurations that can serve as inspirations at the design stage. You can also always ask for a professional consultation by contacting the technical and commercial advisor of RENEX Group – owner of the REECO brand – and even see the products in their demo-room. RENEX prepares designs, helps to arrange the interior, selects the most optimal solutions and carries out specialized orders, dedicated to individual customer needs.