RENEX Group has announced the establishment of another distribution cooperation – this time this one, one of the largest Polish companies in the electronics industry, will supply the Polish market with products of Indium Corporation – one of the three largest world producers of soldering alloys.

Indium Corporation manufactures a wide a wide variety of no-clean and water-wash solder pastes. The standard offer of this manufacturer currently includes over 220 types of solders and fluxes of various chemical compositions for a wide range of applications. Founded in 1934 in the United States, Indium Corporation is today an international company developing state-of-the-art technologies and materials, among which the SAC305 solder pastes stand out. Thanks to Indium Corporation’s experience and knowledge, the solders created are highly stable in the production environment and allow for high print repeatability. The pastes in this series offer superb wetting to Pb-free metallization and has exceptional low voiding performance on components, including BGAs and CSPs. In addition, these solders provides high transfer efficiency through small apertures and increase the service life of the stencils. Thus, these are products developed for the highest quality printining and high performance needed in modern electronics production lines.

Our cooperation with Indium Corpotation is the third partnership agreement of the RENEX Group in recent months (previously HGTECH and JBC – author’s note). It shows how huge potential the Polish electronics production market has. We are glad that a producer of the highest quality soldering materials joins the group of partners. This will allow us to provide an even wider range of products to meet all the needs of our customers – from consulting and training through equipment to consumable products. This agreement is the result of years of hard work of the RENEX team, which has made it possible for us to cooperate with the best manufacturers in the world and provide our partners with the highest quality products.
– commented Mrs Marzena Szczotkowska-Topić and Mr Predrag Topić – owners of RENEX Group.

All interested are welcome to contact RENEX Technical and Commercial Advisors. The products of Indium Corporation can be tested both in your own production facilities and in the conditions of a test production line – on your own components in the RENEX TECHNOLOGICAL CENTRE in Włocławek.