Participants of this year’s Warsaw Industry Week Trade Fair had the opportunity to feel for a moment like being at the Polish Soldering Championships. Within the special, well received ring stand, the RENEX Group presented sport soldering – discipline, which is gaining more and more popularity in the world. Visitors could both try their skills and see the best solders in Poland in action.


During the three days of Warsaw Industry Week Fair there were organized qualifications, in which the main prize was a WILD CARD – a guaranteed participation in next year’s Polish Soldering Championships – RSC 2020..

Polish Soldering Championships are gaining popularity every year and for many people it was an unique opportunity to secure a participation in the next year’s – the fifth edition of the Championships.

Enthusiasts from all over Poland came to this occasion to face a relatively short tournament task. The components soldered on the PCB were evaluated by referees according to the same IPC standards as those used during the Polish and World Championships.

The tasks were best handled by: Jacek Martyniak from Warsaw University of Technology, Jonasz Wieczorkiewicz from Poznań, and Franciszek Ciuraszkiewicz from Techniczne Zakłady Naukowe in Częstochowa. The organizers – RENEX company – awarded them with guaranteed participation in next year’s Polish Championships in Soldering.

Dzika karta Mistrzostwa Polski w Lutowaniu
Pojedynek Człowiek vs Robot


During the three days of Warsaw Industry Week Fair there was also a series of special events – duels between the best soldering specialists in soldering in Poland, representatives of the Polish staff and the highest class REECO soldering robot.

On the first day of the REECO Soldering Robot faced the 2017 European Champion in Soldering – Grzegorz Szymańczuk, the second Polish Champion in soldering 2016 – Bożena Wachna, the third Youth Champion of Poland in soldering – Adam Troszyński. The final result of the duels is 5:1 for Man. The chosen task was to make 256 soldering connections, which allowed the Masters to have a balanced fight.

Multiplying this number would have meant that an untiring robot would have left every human being behind. As the organizers emphasize, the event shows the enormous progress of automation, which already now creates robots that keep pace with the best solder in the world and Europe.

The event was also an opportunity to exchange experiences. Particularly noticeable were the consultations with Adam Troszyński – this year’s Youth Champion of Poland in Soldering, who willingly explained to the participants the reality of sport, which becomes professional soldering.


On RENEX ring stand there was also an attraction in the form of competitions in Assembly.

The next edition of this event shows that it continues to enjoy great interest among visitors. As always, the enthusiasts were fighting emotions while disassembling and mounting back 14 screws, and the winner was the one who could control them best.

During all three days of the competition the best time was achieved by Mr. Sebastian Cwiećwierz from AZ Reklama, who set a new record of 1 minute and 16 seconds.

The event was even more interesting as it was sponsored by the world-class precision tool brands GOOT, PIERGIACOMI and BAHCO.

Zawody w skręcaniu

Visitors of Warsaw Industry Week had the opportunity to visit also the second stand of RENEX Group where a cross-section of a wide range of RENEX products was presented, including the REECO Soldering Robot, which competed with the Champions, as well as the REECO industrial furniture and equipment used by the Champions.

In addition to the soldering version, the REECO Robot was also presented in labeling, mounting and dispensing versions.

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