From European news, French electronics manufacturer MSL Circuits, part of the ALL Circuits group, reports an investment in 20 digital microscopes by TAGARNO.

MSL Circuits is one of Europe’s leading suppliers to the automotive industry and the only supplier in France to manufacture large quantities of PCBs.

At MSL Circuits’ Paris site, 20 TAGARNO FHD ZAP digital microscopes were introduced for various manual inspections.

We used to work with magnifier lamps. This was a challenge because the components are becoming smaller with miniaturisation and therefore require more magnification”” Loïc Boutillier, production engineer, ALL Circuits. Health and safety considerations were also a problem. Those carrying out the inspections had to lean over the production line in order to carry out the appropriate examination.

The solution to these problems turned out to be TAGARNO FHD ZAP digital microscopes. The MSL Circuits plants have introduced 20 of these devices for a number of different inspection tasks. The main role of the equipment is now fulfilled in the production line for secondary inspection of rejects from AOI. The equipment allows to save downloaded images, which facilitates the documentation of problems and implemented solutions.


TAGARNO digital microscopes have also been used as stand-alone workstations where PCBs are checked for polarity and positioning. This is particularly true for the inspection of QFP components, where it is important to be able to position the camera of the microscope at the right angle.

The distributor of the digital microscopes is RENEX Group. These and other devices in RENEX Group’s offer can be viewed and examined in operation in the RENEX TECHNOLOGICAL CENTRE and DEMOROOM.