On 26-28 March – as part of the Automaticon Trade Fair, the Screw Assembly Competition was held. The event was very popular, and in front of the organizer’s – RENEX company – exhibition space there were crowds standing all the time.

Over three days, 150 contestants competed for prizes and the title of Best Assembler. The task for the contestants seemed trivially simple – 14 screws had to be removed from the case using a Delvo professional electric screwdriver and then screwed back in.

But that’s only how it seemed. With time pressure and spectators watching every move of the contestants, the screws seemed to be getting smaller. The level of mastery of emotions often determined the results. However, there were also those who showed nerves of steel and a confident hand.

The best result and overall record of the competition was achieved by the winner of the first day, Mr. Marcin Wołucki, with a time of 01:2914 to prove how impressive this result is, one can quickly calculate that removing and screwing back in 14 screws takes 28 actions, which gives approximately 3 seconds per action.

Below is an official summary of the best results:

Day 1:

1. Marcin Wołucki – 01:29”14
2. Igor Sieklucki – 01:39”06
3. Jakub Sondej – 01:39”18

Day 2:

1. Piotr Kowalczyk – 01:30”03
2. Michał Krzywicki – 01:34”13
3. Jan Owsiany – 01:44”13

Dzień 3:

1. Grzegorz Bednarek – 01:33”00
2. Sławomir Przybyłowski – 01:40”04
3. Kamil Pawlik – 01:43”05

Wkręcanie wkrętakiem DELVO

The prizes – anti-static kits for electronics from REECO, founded by RENEX, were awarded for the three best results every day. The winner of the day received an additional set of Piergiacomi hand tools. Those interested are encouraged to take part in the next edition of the Competition, which, as announced by the organizer – RENEX, will take place in the form of the Polish Screw Assembly Championships.