The RENEX Group has just been awarded the HIT 2019 title for its proprietary project, the launch of the innovative REECO soldering robot and activities based on 30 years of tradition.

The HIT of Regions Economic and Local Government Project is an undertaking which rewards, distinguishes and promotes companies and other entities for their special achievements in the field of manufactured products, services and achievements. First of all, their innovativeness, quality and type of benefits achieved are assessed. Broadly understood organizational and ecological activities are also included.

The jury was especially impressed with the innovative REECO Soldering Robot developed by the RENEX Group. The robot is a device designed for soldering through-hole elements on PCB boards in an automatic assembly line for electronic systems. The device is equipped with inline capabilities and automatically positions the boards/PCBs.

SMEMA communication enables several devices to work in line. It has an automatic, programmable solder binder feeding system. It is equipped with the ability to work with different types of soldering tips (several dozen to choose from), whereas the automatic, programmable system of cleaning soldering tips during operation helps to maintain them in good condition.

The HIT of Regions Economic and Local Government Project has been implemented since the mid-90s and currently operates in the Wielkopolskie, Lubuskie, Pomeranian and Kuyavian-Pomeranian regions.

The jury is made up of a wide spectrum of top-class specialists representing the areas of economy and local government, which guarantees the objectivity of the awarded prizes.

The jury consists of district governors, representatives of local and economic self-governments, professional associations, representatives of chambers of commerce, local self-governments and the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations, as well as journalists and representatives of organizers.

For the RENEX Group it is a special distinction, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of its activity. The company is one of the largest and longest-operating Polish companies supplying equipment for the electronics industry.

The Group currently covers the distribution of products from global brands, production under its own brand REECO, Training Center, advanced Technology Center and a network of branches in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania and Germany.

Despite the fact that today it associates over 150 employees and associates in Poland and Europe, it remains a family company involved in local, regional and nationwide social and patronage activities.

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