RENEX Group has summarized the successes of 2022 – including new products, established and developed partnerships and charitable actions.

Partnerships and Distribution

Over the last 12 months, RENEX Group has developed partnerships with many partners from both the education and business sectors. Notable examples in the first sphere can be projects with the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow and the Electrical Schools in Włocławek. The year has also resulted in new distribution agreements. Particular attention should be paid to those concerning cooperation in the field of soldering fluxes of the Spanish company CRM Synergies and warehouse systems of the Italian company Arcadia.

Awards and Recognitions

2022 was also a time of awards. RENEX Group was awarded the Special Achievement Award by YAMAHA Robotics for continuous and rapid growth of the customer base and for its commitment to specialist training. In addition, RENEX Group’s specialist – Paweł Malinowski – was recognized at the World SMT Engineer Grand Prix Championships organized by YAMAHA SMT Europe. The Technological and Training Center was also recognized with the Marshal of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship Award in the Economy Category.


New Offerings

As a result of distribution agreements and the expansion of its own production, RENEX Group’s offer has been significantly expanded. Customers of the Group have gained easy access to, among others, the ARCHIMEDE system – the latest system for storing and searching for SMD components, a very wide selection of high-strength Gerflor anti-static flooring. The last important event in the RENEX offer was the expansion of the REECO brand offer, which includes a wide range of products, including inspection magnifiers, softshell blouses and specialist soldering wires, which were developed with the use of specialist spaces in mind.


The past year was also the time to expand products related to clean rooms. Cleanboxes and feeder windows have appeared in the offer, which are an ideal solution for customers who do not need a clean room on a permanent basis. Their basic advantage is mobility, it can be folded and moved to any other place in the facility. This is only part of the products that RENEX Group added to its offer in 2022, so customers can be sure that they have the best and latest technologies on the market.

Continuous Desire for Development

RENEX is a company with over thirty years of experience, which year after year achieves better and better results. Over the last year, the company recorded an export growth of over 30%, and also expanded its offer by over 160 products. RENEX Group also celebrated its 33rd Birthday! The company, from the distribution activity founded in 1989, thanks to the gradual establishment of partnership cooperation with increasingly larger international entities and its own training and production activities, has developed into a dynamically operating Group in Poland and Europe, which includes a number of companies and brands. RENEX Group is constantly building its reputation, focusing on innovation and the implementation of custom projects for the customer. Branches are also dynamically operating in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria with all its own brands. Business events were completed with the opening of a new office in Bulgaria and a Demo Room.

Charity Actions

The charity actions undertaken by the RENEX Group are primarily supporting the WOŚP and the continuation of donating metal containers for caps, which were purchased through the RENEX Group. Thanks to the containers donated, schools can support the organizations of their choice by donating caps to collection points. The money from the sale of caps goes to various organizations providing assistance, or to specific people, for whom this is an opportunity to finance expensive rehabilitation or purchase specialist equipment. For residents, this is also an easy and ecological way to actively participate in help.


Trade Fairs

RENEX Group also participated in a number of industry fairs. During the year, the company took part in such events as TEK Day, Amper, Evertiq EXPO Berlin, PCI Days, Evertiq EXPO Göteborg, Evertiq EXPO Warsaw, Evertiq Tampere and Warsaw Industry Week. At the fairs, many products were presented, including the new REECO brand offer – Cleanroom.



RENEX Group summarized the year 2022 as a time of success. Focusing on dynamic and continuous development, the company strengthened its position as a leading supplier of SMT production lines in the SME segment.

The Group also established cooperation with leading companies, implemented numerous products and participated in a number of fairs. Thanks to the careful selection of products and showing support to others, it gains the trust of partners, employees and customers. Charitable initiatives and flexible approach to new products have become the hallmark of the RENEX Group. The company focuses on setting new trends in the industry and providing the highest quality products and services.

RENEX Group thanks all Customers for their perseverance and loyalty during the past year 2022. Thanks to their support and commitment, the company is able to meet the needs and constantly improve its offer.